About Margo Hertzfeld, Certified Aromatherapist

One plant at a time
As the wife of a farmer in rural Ohio, I am surrounded by the wonders of nature. As an aspiring gardener, I
am inspired by my surroundings to grow my own herbs and medicinals. Aromatherapy is a natural fit for me
and my family as we strive to create a healthy life for ourselves in the modern world.

I dedicated my practice to finding the highest integrity in my school, teachers, associations and of course
the products I use with that knowledge. I initially studied for my level one certification with Jade Shutes,
Owner of the East West School of Aromatic Studies (www.aromaticstudies.com) and David Crow, Owner of
Floracopeia, Inc. (www.floracopeia.com). My career was off to an inspired start being trained by them in
person. They have a combined career spanning over 40 years, throughout the world. I went on to achieve my clinical certification through The School for Aromatic Studies with Jade Shutes, and have gone on to receive training in flower essence therapy, hydrosols, botanical perfumery and reflexology.

Holistic aromatherapy, as I continue to learn, is a fascinating and encompassing field. Any and all natural therapies can combine so effortlessly with the practice. For this reason, I am sure the learning will never stop!

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